More often than not, when a your home is due for a re-paint there are some carpentry issues requiring attention to assure the paint lasts. Every Sherwood Painting crew has a qualified, experienced carpenter to ensure that your home’s problem areas are properly identified and repaired, rather than just covered up temporarily with fresh paint.

Selecting a painting contractor with skilled carpenters on the job guarantees the best return on your investment.

Sherwood Painting’s carpentry services include:

  • Clapboard and Shingle repair/replacement
  • Wood Trim, Fascia and Soffit replacement
  • Wood gutter repair and replacement
  • Window Sill and Frame replacement
  • Door Frame and Threshold replacement
  • Deck Flooring and railing repair

Sherwood Painting will never gloss over problem areas on your home. Our holistic approach focuses on proper preparation and maintenance. Carpentry, when needed, is an important component of the process.

Paint failure is often caused by, or results in, damage to the substrate below. Damaged areas must be repaired prior to repainting or the coating will fail prematurely.

We provide a detailed estimate for most carpentry work prior to initiating the job. However, due to the invasive nature of rot and moisture issues, it can be difficult to determine the extent of the damage until after work has begun.

In these instances, we clearly communicate the problems, remedies and costs prior to any repair being initiated.

All carpentry repairs are made with top-quality lumber or synthetic alternatives (upon request), stainless steel nails and premium adhesives/sealants.

The quality of our repairs typically exceeds the work we are replacing at a reasonable cost.

In the event that your Salem home needs carpentry work beyond the scope of our experience or licensing, we will refer you to one of our trusted friends in the community to address your needs.