How much does it cost to repaint the exterior of a house?
While this is a common question, it’s impossible to provide an accurate quote without our personally seeing the home during your free, no-pressure home consultation.
The structures past maintenance history, including the materials used and the skill of the tradesmen who performed the work, directly impacts the processes needed to return your home to top condition. Other factors such as the presence of lead-based paint, difficult access due to landscaping/terrain,  and architectural style also affect the cost. At Sherwood Painting, our experienced crews utilize the latest tool and material technologies to guarantee that your home is restored to a high standard.

What can I expect during my free painting consultation?
The owner of our company, Daniel Sherwood, personally conducts all of our consultations.  He will listen to your needs and then visually assess your home. After reviewing the details with you, and answering any questions you may have, Daniel will prepare a detailed proposal tailored specifically to your home. The proposal will clearly outline the procedures, materials and price(s) for the services we suggest to solve your paint-related problems. The proposal will be accompanied by our extensive list of local, verifiable references.

Are your prices negotiable?
Having painted literally thousands of homes, we are confident that the price and services proposed to each prospective client offer excellent value. The proposal you receive is guaranteed to be ‘on budget’ for the work as described. The price(s) presented are gleaned from our years of experience with the goal being transactions that represent solid value to the customer while compensating ourselves fairly for our expertise and labor. However, there are ways we can tailor projects to suit most budgets. These include modifying the job scope, materials and procedures used, or phasing the work over time. We encourage you to contact us with any pricing concerns prior to committing to another contractor.

Will there be additional costs added during the project?
Generally speaking, no. The price(s) we present on our proposal accurately reflect the labor and materials required to complete the project as promised. Many companies use the traditional ‘bait and switch’ method of bidding low to get the contract and then using add-ons to pad the bottom line. Once your house is torn apart you are left with few options beyond opening up your wallet.
Our proposals clearly document the costs for the repairs identified during the site visit. These services are often listed as a-la-carte options allowing you to add/omit items from the project based on urgency and budget. Should additional damage be discovered during the project, which is not uncommon with circumstances such as wood rot, we will identify and price the needed work prior to initiating the repairs. If you aren’t at home we will email you photos, present repair/replacement options and quote the repairs so you can authorize the work and maintain total control over the project budget.

What insurance and certifications does your company have?
We are insured for $2 Million in Liability and carry full Workers Compensation insurance for our works. In the unlikely event of an accident (we have an excellent safety record and go to extensive lengths to minimize property damage), your home and financial well being are protected. We are an EPA certified Lead-Safe RRP contractor (#NAT-20810-0) and carry a MA HIC license (#146861) as required by law.

How long will the repainting of our house take?
Again, the answer varies widely depending upon the size and condition of the home. Most homes can be completed within a week, weather allowing. Our crews, led by foreman that have been with our company for a minimum of 8 years, follow finely-tuned procedures that result in maximum efficiency. Our goal is to complete every job with a minimum of disruption to our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We focus on project at a time, work long days and ensure adequate staffing to deliver a hassle-free experience for every client.