Permanent Paint With ArmorCoat Painting System!

Why would a professional painting contractor offer a ‘permanent paint’ service so you would never have to paint again? Because of ArmorCoat Painting System!

Exterior Painting
No, it’s not because I want to ensure my sons don’t grow up to be painters. That was my joking response when my wife asked that question when I told her we would start implementing the ArmorCoat system in addition to the conventional coatings we’ve used over the past 10 years.

Actually, the reasons are simple for both of us!

To increase value for my clients and protect Sherwood Painting’s hard-fought reputation for long-lasting, quality work, and the ArmorCoat System does just that.

Exterior Pant, The EPA and You

The fact is, constantly changing EPA requirements are reducing the quality and service life of most paints. Every reformulation is a step backwards in terms of endurance, which means you will be painting your home more frequently.

This isn’t Good For Either of Us

Contrary to what you may think, this isn’t an ideal situation from my perspective. You see, our passion has always been maintaining the historic treasures of Essex County by leaving an imprint of lasting results scattering all along the coastline.

The Economics of Exterior Painting and How We Are Trying to Help Fight Down Your Overall Costs

There are a few things we know for sure:

  • The cost of a quality paint job are always increasing.
  • Your next painting project is sure to cost more than your last.
  • These facts, combined with products that just don’t last as long directly impacts the cost of owning your home.

Frustrated with this reality, I set out looking for a ‘better way’. I wanted a solution that would:

  1. Eliminate the need for constant exterior maintenance without detracting from your home’s natural beauty.
  2. Save customers money through decreased maintenance costs and free up their time for the more important aspects of life.

After extensive research, I selected the ArmorCoat/Permanent Painting system.

Produced in the USA by two of the most knowledgeable coatings manufacturers, Rustoleum/XIM and Rose Talbert (est. 1919), this product utilizes proven industrial technology to out perform everything else on the market, and that is why AmorCoat’s Permanent Painting System will be the product we recommend to homeowners like you who want to stop painting their homes every few years just to keep up with what Mother Nature throws at them.

Contact us now to find out more about AmorCoat Permanent Painting System and how you will save more money painting your home.