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Not Just Painting Over The Problem

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, you should anticipate the need for some carpentry work. In fact, about 85% of the homes we paint need some sort of carpentry repairs prior to painting. Simply painting over the rotten wood may look fine in the short term, but it’s similar to repainting a car that has rusting going on. The paint will fail and, more importantly, the underlying problems will continue to worsen.

Painting over the problem is just one of the many common issues with hiring a painting company!

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Common Carpentry Fixes

When we say about 85% of the homes we paint have some carpentry needs, we’re not talking about ripping down the entire home and starting over! Some of the common carpentry spots that need to be addressed are:

  • Siding, particularly along rooflines and ground level where snow builds up.
  • Trim such as window and door casings.
  • Window sills

While there may be other issues, these are usually at the top of our list of what to look at when we come to your home to discuss your project!

Need Some Carpentry Work?

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Construction Supervisor Licensed

When we do carpentry work, we’re not just painters who grab a hammer. Dan, the owner of Sherwood Painting Services, took the time to obtain an Unrestricted Construction Supervisor license to ensure that we can not only identify your problems but also know how to fix them correctly using best building practices and to code. This is a rarity among painting companies.

Benefits Of Using Sherwood’s Carpentry

We’re going to get this one out of the way; we’re not the cheapest carpenters out there. Like painting, there’s always somebody willing to do the work for a lower cost.

Most clients use our carpentry services for one of two reasons:

  1. They want the carpentry done right to ensure maximum life from their new paint job.
  2. One stop shopping, the assurance that the entire project will be completed simultaneously and no hassles trying to schedule multiple contractors.

With that being said, you’re under no obligation to use our carpentry services.We will supply you with separate paint and carpentry quotes so that you can choose the right carpenter for your needs.

All we ask is that all repairs are completed before our scheduled start date. Should we discover some rotted wood during the painting process, and need to return after it’s been repaired by a 3rd party, additional service/mobilization charges may apply.

Homes With Carpentry Work

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