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Is It Time To Paint Your Exterior?

Common Reasons Our Clients Have Their Houses Painted

Repainting your home is necessary to both maintain the value and prevent the wood siding from being damaged by the elements. It’s also a great way to express your own sense of style by matching the colors to your taste, especially if you’ve recently purchased it.

Some of the common reasons clients call us to talk about repainting their home are:

  • The paint is failing, significantly faded or stained by mildew.
  • The house is a chronic peeler and they want to end the expensive repainting cycle. We fix bad paint jobs!
  • Older homes typically have coating failure due to the age of the wood and/or original paint. We specialize in correcting this problem.

While there are more, these are the most common!

Experiencing These Problems?

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Exterior Painting Services In Marblehead MA

Working With Sherwood Painting Services

While we do a lot of interior painting work we started out as specialists in exterior work, with a focus on challenging coastal and historic homes. As a result, we’ve got it down to a science! What that means to you is efficient, professional results with a minimal amount of disruption to your daily life.

This starts with our unique estimating process which is structured to protect your time. After sending us some pictures of your home we’ll have a 15-20 minute discussion of your project, including a price estimate, to ensure that Sherwood Painting is a good fit for you without the need for you to take time out of your busy schedule.

If everything sounds good we will then set up a site visit to firm things up and get you on the schedule.

Here’s some key info about having us paint your home:

  • Once spring is here, we’re usually booked 4-6 weeks in advance, although special scheduling accommodations can often be made.
  • The average home takes about 4 to 7 days depending on the scope of work.

One key difference between us and other companies is that once we arrive at your home we’re there until the project is complete. It common in the industry for companies to start prepping a project and then leave it sitting for days or weeks while they work elsewhere. This results in a long project cycle and your deposit checks funding other projects.

The summer season is short here in New England. We respect the fact that you don’t want to spend it chasing your contractor around and/or have a simple paint job stretch out for weeks.

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Carpentry Work

Our paint crews are not just strictly for painting. We actually have carpenters within the crews so if there are any issues with the surface we paint on, we have the capability to fix the root of the problem. So if carpentry work is necessary, it will be done right!

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