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Frequently Asked Questions2018-02-27T21:19:22+00:00
What else do I need to know about your company?2018-02-27T21:18:26+00:00

We’re an independently owned business born from a desire to preserve the unique character of Essex County and beyond, while delivering an awesome experience for our clients. Get in touch to see if we’re the painting contractor you’ve been looking for!

Can you fix wood rot and other carpentry issues?2018-02-27T21:18:03+00:00

Yes, our owner Dan Sherwood possesses an Unrestricted Construction Supervisor’s license in MA. While we don’t perform large scale renovations, preferring to focus on exterior repairs commonly encountered during the painting process, you can relax knowing that our carpentry will be performed correctly and to code. Our goal is to provide one-stop shopping for your home improvement needs.

What type of properties do you work on?2018-02-27T21:17:37+00:00

We specialize our services in areas that require care and attention to detail.

This includes residential (interior and exterior), commercial (offices) and institutional (primarily medical facilities such as hospitals/medical clinics and nursing homes).

While we have extensive experience with Historic and coastal homes, we welcome every opportunity to deliver superior service.

My house has lead-based paint, do you know how to deal with it?2018-02-27T21:17:10+00:00

Of course! Our crews are fully trained to comply with state and federal requirements pertaining to the safe handling of lead-based paints.

Please note that are not a remediation company, so our services do not remove the presence of lead from the home.

How much does it cost to paint a house?2018-02-27T21:16:45+00:00

Great question!

Our exterior projects range from $4000-$40,000+!

Even two identical houses can wildly vary based on how they’ve been maintained (or not) over
the years. This is why our quoting process is necessary to ensure we provide the quote that is
right for YOU and your home.

Learn more about interior painting costs>>

How do I get a quote?2018-02-27T21:16:23+00:00
  1. Give us a call or submit our online form.
  2. We’ll follow up for a 10min conversation about your project to ensure we’re the right
    contractor for you.
  3. We find a time that works so we can walk the property with you and determine the best
    process for your needs.
  4. A detailed contract will be prepared based on our visit to set clear expectations and
    eliminate the chance of misunderstanding.