If The Flash Could Paint A Room

Flash can paint a room in a matter of seconds, but to us non-superhumans, it will take a bit longer. It takes time and effort to paint a room, whether it’s DIY or done by professionals. This is outside of choosing the color and gathering the necessary painting tools and equipment. Painting a room isn’t like painting a mural, but doing a good job will take awhile. The painting will be faster and easier if you have a solid plan going in. Set up a clear and precise contract if you choose to hire a paint contractor so you have an accurate timeline. You don’t want a room like a bathroom to be out of commission for too long.

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What To Consider When Painting A Room

There are several aspects to consider when painting a room:

Length of Time

Eating out may sound fun, but it gets expensive and tedious, so consider the length of time you can do without the room. It can be difficult to enjoy a meal with the house smelling like paint. You may also need the job done more quickly than normal. In this case, hire a paint contractor that can meet certain time constraints. More variables go into painting a room than many people realize. There’s also buying the materials.

Materials to Purchase

Gathering all of the materials for a job takes time, so get the materials before the job is even set up. Proper materials planning will ensure that every available minute can be used for completing the project. It’s one of the costs which goes along with interior painting. If you hire a contractor, specify which materials you want, such as the type of paint. Once you purchase the materials, you’ll need to set up the room.

hourglass timing painting

Set Up Time

Paint contractors typically underestimate set-up times because setbacks occur, causing it to take longer. You, or a contractor, need to move, remove, and/or protect everything you don’t want to get paint on. Getting paint out of your belongings can have the same result as getting gum out of your hair- you have to cut it out. Use drop cloths or plastic to protect your belongings.

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Plan for the Worst

Life happens, and if you choose the DIY route, it’s possible the job will need an extension. Have realistic expectations on timing in case things go sideways. Unexpected barriers like wood rot can appear, and dealing with that will take more time and money. Imagine you learn how to paint a ceiling, then discover some water damage in need of repair. Planning with extra time in mind can mean you’ll finish ahead of schedule, and look like a boss while doing so.

Room Painting Reality

Even if your plan is as well thought out as the movie script of “The Departed”, it will still take time to complete. Now you’ll be able to more accurately estimate how long it will take to paint a room, either for yourself or professionals. But do you know how long it can take to paint the outside of your home?

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