It’s Not About Price

Cost is king! At least, that’s what some paint contractors want you to believe. If you aren’t careful you could end up hiring based on price, and cheaper isn’t always better. It could be a scam or they might not know exactly what they’re doing. It’s best to hire a paint contractor who can do a great job that will last, saving you money in the long run.

But that doesn’t explain the difference in cost with your neighbor’s house.

It’s the same with cars or anything that needs paint: it depends. How long has the paint been a problem? How often is it “fixed”? Your job could involve serious changes to the current paint job. What is wanted or needed affects the price.

Let’s go over 3 factors that can affect the cost to paint a house exterior.

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Our Cost Range

We can’t speak for all paint contracting companies, so here’s our range. A front door painting can cost $800. On the flip side, painting an entire home can cost anywhere from $8,000-$45,000. Worry not, for the average is around $12,500.

Price will vary. Keep reading to find out some of the reasons why.

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painting part of a house that has wood varnish

The Big 3

These three factors can affect the cost to paint a house exterior:

1- Previous Maintenance History

Peeling or perfection? Price can vary depending on how well-kept the paint is. If friends and guests start pointing it out, it’s way past time to get it fixed. Catching peeling, discoloration, and other blemishes early and getting them touched up can save you money in the long run. A few small fixes here and there is less costly than one big job.

Let’s take 2 identical houses. House 1 is well maintained except for some minor paint failure. House 2’s paint is in need of substantial prep/paint. The difference? House 2 can expect to pay $3,000+ before any painting occurs.

Small but consistent maintenance can end up saving you time and money

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outer wall with peeling paint in need of repair

2- Current Paint Status

How well did the last contractor do? Some of them don’t do a good job. Little to no prep, no scraping, sanding, or primer, or they may not even understand compatibility between coats! Getting a bad paint job can drive up the cost to paint a house exterior. That’s how we end up making a living: fixing bad paint jobs. If they had done their job properly in the first place, there would be no problem.

The price for fixing this problem ranges. It can cost anywhere from $2,500 to clean up sloppy line cuts to $30,000 to remove the existing paint.

Do your research and hire a contractor who knows how to paint a house

painters repainting

3- Drastic Color Change

Out of style. Like varnished wood, it needs to be painted over. You can turn that old Tudor Brown paint job into anything you want! It can cost you though. Painting over an older paint job requires more time, materials, and labor. A coat of primer to ensure fusion and multiple coats of paint to name a few.

For a colonial house entrance, a second coat of paint for the siding can cost $3,800 while both siding and trim can be $7,200.

Hiring a color consultant’s a great way to make certain all of the colors work well together. Don’t want your house to end up looking like a bad tie-dye job.

paint roller in white paint

Money Well Spent

When you buy based on price, you’ll cry many times. Buy based on quality and you’ll only cry once. From happiness.

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