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When Should You Paint A Bathroom?

There are a multitude of reasons why many of our clients call to have their bathroom painted:

  • The walls/ceilings have mold or mildew on them
  • They just remodeled and now need to have the room repainted
  • It’s no longer 1993 and paint schemes have changed

When it comes to bathrooms, there is more than just an aesthetic appeal to the walls in there. Let us go in depth.

Mold And/Or Mildew In The Bathroom

A common problem in bathrooms is the mildew that builds up on the walls and ceiling when there is poor ventilation. Unless you have one of those ultrapowerful bathroom fans that can pull all the moisture out immediately, your shower is going to create paint streaking and mildew.

Anyone with mold or mildew allergies can tell you what happens to them when they’re around it too long. It’s not pretty. There are other long term symptoms that aren’t great for your health, but we’ll let you search for those yourself online.

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Post Bathroom Remodel Painting

Bathroom remodels are very common, especially with new home buyers. Whether it’s simply refitting the bathtub all the way to a full bathroom renovation, painting the walls is a way to change the bathroom look and feel, regardless of the size of the rest of the job.

Using Bathroom Specific Paint

There is actually a method to using paint in your bathroom

Apply bathroom specific paint. Yes, there is paint that is made to withstand the bathroom environment such as moisture and mildew.

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