Interior Painting Graphic

Interior painting should be a stress-free and enjoyable process. This is a chance to put life back into the spaces that you live and work. Whether you’re wanting a simple refreshening of your current colors or you’re ready to take a leap and try a new, bold color, we can help.

Our interior painting process will ensure you have a great experience and get the final results you want. When you’re ready to beautify your home simply click below!

Exterior Painting Graphic

Regardless of the size of your home, Sherwood Painting guarantees the quality workmanship you deserve. The best jobs begin with proper preparation which often includes a thorough power wash, wood replacement, scraping, sanding, priming and caulking.

Be assured that we will protect and prepare all surfaces meticulously before beginning the project. Your work will be completed adhering to our high standard of craftsmanship, as well as the adherence to all required industry regulations. When you’re ready to beautify your home simply click below!

Carpentry Graphic

Many homeowners put off the painting of their home’s exterior because of the difficult task of repairing or replacing rotted wood. Our craftsmen have the tools, the training and the courage (to climb 30′ in the air) to repair your soffits, corner boards and siding!

Sherwood Painting will meticulously inspect and repair the damaged wood on your home prior to your paint job and ensure you get a paint ready surface to apply your high quality paint. When you’re ready to beautify your home simply click below!