Which Sheen Of Paint Is Best?

The type of sheen paint you use on your walls can make or break your home.

Let’s say you use a high-sheen paint in the bathroom or other high traffic areas of the house. You’ll be trying to clean the stains off of those walls until your whole arm looks like Schwarzenegger’s.

arnold Schwarzenegger

There are other questions you’ll need to answer before choosing a sheen paint, such as wall condition, the amount and direction of light the wall will get, and how much maintenance does each sheen require.

Cool Guys Have Matte Sheen Painted Walls

Matte is the fancy name for flat paint, which means there is no shine to it.

A matte sheen is THE choice for drywall and other areas that have surface imperfections because it hides them better than camo clothes in a jungle. It also disguises weird angles and wavy surfaces.

If you have rooms with harsh lighting, a matte finish will cut down on any reflected light and make the room easier on the eyes.

The best part of a matte finish is that repairs are easy because the lack of sheen makes it impossible to tell which direction the brush was going.

If you have kids or your home sees a lot of action, matte is not the sheen for you. Matte sheen paint is porous, so it traps all kinds of dirt and stains that will not be easy to remove. Scrubbing the stains out will make that bit of wall look different from the rest, and repainting a whole wall is a hassle.

Painting On Eggshell Sheens

Eggshell sheen paint requires an attention to detail that is close to perfection. Everything about it is close to perfection. Enough gloss will remain to be cleanable in all but institutional settings, it’s dark enough so as not to highlight every imperfection, yet it’s also reflective enough to fill a room with ambient light.

Eggshell sheens will last longer than the Roman Empire if given the right amount of care and attention. This type of sheen is more resistant to stains and scuffs, and if they do become blemished, are easier to wash.

A problem with eggshell sheens is that touching it up takes a lot of work. The paint is difficult to match on small repairs, so to achieve a uniform look an entire wall may need repainting.

Paint Satin/Gloss Sheen For Architects Supreme

This type of sheen is rarely used or considered a good idea. This is because it is mostly for architectural design magazines where art trumps common sense.

Satin/gloss sheen will look amazing, but only on the right surface. The surface needs to be extremely smooth or every detail will stick out like a mountain on the grasslands. The combination of shiny and smooth will have you wearing sunglasses inside so you won’t be blinded by the light.

While you will have the shiniest and easiest to clean walls, it will take considerable skill and a high-quality paint to correctly color your walls.

Pearl Sheen, Not An Option

Pearl needs to be done by professionals. If it isn’t, every brush stroke, every flaw in the wall, will be visible to everyone, including the overly judgemental neighbors.

People who choose pearl sheen quickly change to another type after they see how much effort it needs. Too much time and overcomplicated, it’s much simpler and better overall to go with another type of paint sheen.

Just. Say. No.

The Paint Sheen Decision

If you decide to go with a sheen other than matte, you’ll still be a cool guy, so don’t worry about it. It’s better to choose a sheen that’s right for your living space, not the one you think is the coolest.

The majority of people tend to go with the more common eggshell sheen finish. The eggshell sheen may require time and attention to paint it on the walls, but it’s cleanable, hides most imperfections, and is moderate in its reflectivity.

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