House Painting Tools And Equipment Good DIYers Need

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These Are The 11 Items Everyone Needs For Making Painting Projects Easier


You can use these 15 house painting tools and equipment to help you have an easier time painting your home. This is because they either make preparing, painting, or cleaning up less of a pain. They include safety equipment, cleaning supplies for before and after painting, a paintbrush or a paint roller, caulk and caulk gun, fine grit sandpaper, and a few more important items. The most important thing to remember about these tools is that the better quality ones will give you a better finish than the cheaper ones.

Good Painter’s Use Good Tools

It’s been 20 minutes and Leo still isn’t sure he has everything he needs.

He hasn’t even started painting yet and he’s already having a difficult time. He never thought making sure he has all of his house painting tools and equipment would be where he would get held up first.

Now he kinda wishes he’d gotton some professional interior painting services.

Leo shakes his head to keep himself from trying to stare a hole into his wall. He isn’t getting anywhere doing that or running over the list in his head. There has to be something he can do, some action he can take, to get him out of this funk.

So he goes over to his computer, sits down, and looks up a list of tools and equipment he needs to paint his home.

15 House Painting Tools And Equipment For The DIY Home Painter

Step 1: Fix The Leak

Depending on how safe Leo wants to be (and the job he’s doing) he may need goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. He may also need a fan if there aren’t a lot of windows to open or a fan already there. Long sleeves and pants can also help a lot, especially if you don’t want to clean paint off of your skin.

*Don’t forget to ventilate (move air through and out of the room) so you aren’t breathing in chemicals.

2. Painter’s Tape

Leo can use painter’s tape in several different ways. He can stick it onto the area he’s painting to create lines or patterns. It’s also great for putting on trim and around other areas he doesn’t want to get paint on.

3. Drop Cloths

Leo is about to drop it like it’s hot with these drop cloths. They are basically large pieces of cloth or tarps Leo can put down so any stray paint gets on it instead of the floor or furniture.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Wait, doesn’t the cleaning happen at the end of the painting project? Unless Leo wants to keep repainting his home he’s going to need to use these house painting tools and equipment before and after he paints: scrub brush, rags, warm water, cleaning solution (like water and TSP).

*Rags are also good for quickly cleaning paint drips or splatters.

5. Paint Brush Or Roller

Leo can choose both or either of these 2 house painting tools and equipment: paintbrushes and/or paint rollers.

If Leo chooses paintbrushes he should use a 3-inch brush for his walls and one a little smaller for trim. A Purdy brush is great for latex paints and can last for years with proper care.

As for rollers, most DIY painters choose 9-inch rollers because the 18-inch ones require a special bucket. Leo can also buy a mini roller for hard to reach areas like behind toilets. He can also purchase a roller keeper if he wants to keep his roller nice and clean.

6. Roller Screen And Bucket

If Leo chooses the paint roller then this will come in handy. He can fill the bucket up with paint, attach the screen, then dip in his roller and roll the extra paint off with the screen. It’s harder to spill and easier to use than when using a paint tray.

7. Extender

Leo isn’t used to holding his arms up high for long periods of time nor can he quite reach the top of the wall or ceiling. This is why he needs to get an extender for his brush or roller. 

8. Ladder/Step Ladder

For the really tall parts of his home, Leo will need one or both of these house painting tools and equipment. They’re also handy if you don’t want to buy an extender.

9. Caulk And Caulk Gun

For the really tall parts of his home, Leo will need one or both of these house painting tools and equipment. They’re also handy if you don’t want to buy an extender.

*Dripless caulk guns are worth the extra cost because they are easier to handle and leave a better finish.

10. Fine Grit Sandpaper (120-grit or higher)

Leo will need this for many house painting projects. It’s actually one of the most overlooked house painting tools. They even out rough spots, ridges, and some flaws while also giving texture for the paint to stick to.

11. Sharp Tools

There are 2 sharp tools for house painting: razor knives and paint scrapers. Leo can use a razor knife to cut painter’s tape and cut the tip off the caulk tube while he can use a paint scraper to remove any loose paint.

Off To The Store, Again

Shoot. Leo realizes there are a few things he could really use on this list like the sandpaper and the extender. Looks like he needs to pick up a couple of house painting tools and equipment before he can start painting his home. He sighs as he heads on out to pick up the tools, wishing he’d had this list when he was out picking up supplies earlier.

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