How To Paint Vinyl Siding: 5 Expert Steps Anyone Can Do

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Painting vinyl siding is possible. The only problem is vinyl siding likes to expand and shrink depending on the temperature. This means the paint on them can fade and become damaged faster than others. Exterior paints with acrylic and urethane resins in them, that are the same or lighter color than your vinyl siding, are the best choices.

You can follow Chris and Kim as they follow the 5 steps to painting their vinyl siding.

Chris and Kim’s home is fading fast.

The paint on the vinyl siding of their home is starting to show wear-and-tear from years of being outside. Chris scratches his head and does his best James Dean, “Well then, there Kim, we gotta do something about this.”

“Definitely. I don’t really like the look. Who knows what other people are thinking,” she replies crisply. 

Chris thinks for a moment and says, “Well, how about I call my painter friend and ask him what he knows. He might be able to help us learn how to paint vinyl siding. It can be a fun family project.”

Kim smiles. She loves how Chris tries to make the best out of everything. “Sounds like a great idea!” she says.

Chris whips out his phone and makes the call. Kim goes back to quietly observing her home. A few minutes later, Chris appears beside her with good news.

“Well, he knows exactly what we need to do. He told me the 5 steps to it and gave me a little list of tools and materials.”

5 Steps To Painting Vinyl Siding

  1. Find a cool, dry day
  2. Get a vinyl safe paint made for outdoor use (we use Benjamin Moore w/ adhesion modifier)
  3. Clean vinyl siding with mold/mildew resistant cleanser
  4. Apply primer to siding (optional)
  5. Paint vinyl siding with 2 coats

Tools & Materials

  • Vinyl safe paint
  • Drop Cloths (for plants)
  • Power Washer/Hose
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Sponges/Rags
  • Paint Brush
  • Buckets
  • Rollers
  • Primer (optional)

“So,” Kim asks, “do we have everything we need?” “We will once I go get some vinyl safe paint,” Chris says. “After I get back from the store with it we can go ahead and start our family home painting project.”

Chris pulls out his keys, hops in the car, and heads out.

Painting Their Vinyl Siding

“At least it’s cool and dry today with no chance of rain any time soon,” says Chris cheerfully. He had just gotten back and already Kim’s mood is lifting. Now she feels like painting the house can actually be kind of fun.

She picks up the hose, “Ready to get your elbow grease going?” she asks playfully. Chris smiles as he rolls up his sleeves and grabs sponges and rags.

This is the most important step because paint doesn’t stick well to dirty surfaces. Clean vinyl doesn’t need priming, but it doesn’t hurt either.

The cleansing solution works like a charm.

Now that the house is clean they can put on the primer (or not depending on how comfortable they are).

Then they put on the first coat of vinyl safe paint. After it dries they apply the second coat.

They step back to admire their handiwork.

“I think we did a pretty good job, hon,” Chris says while wiping sweat from his forehead, “sure got done quicker than I thought we would. Let’s just hope my painting buddy knows what he’s talking about. Anyways, it’s about time for food and a shower, don’t you think?” Chris questions.

Kim simply nods in agreement. The couple walks inside their newly painted home, hoping it stays on for a long time.

Have You Checked Your Home Exterior Lately?

You might need to know how to paint vinyl siding too, especially if your home is fading like Chris and Kim’s was. But not everyone has the time or energy to paint their home.

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