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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Done Right

When you walk into someone’s kitchen, the first thing your eyes focus on are their kitchen cabinets. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Kitchen cabinets are at your eye level so you naturally look right at them
  2. Of all things in the kitchen, you use the cabinets to most

Since your eyes are naturally drawn to this aspect of the kitchen, many of our clients enjoy having their cabinets repainted every few years.

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Cabinet Refinishing

Similar to painting a ceiling, refinishing the kitchen cabinets is a necessary step prior to painting those kitchen cabinets. We want to make sure that the cabinets have a good foundation before the painting process starts. Since we also specialize in carpentry, we’ll make sure that any marks or scrapes are repaired!

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Kitchen Repainting

Whether you’re looking for just your cabinets to be repainted or you’d like your entire kitchen to have a fresh coat, we can help. Repainting the kitchen is a technically difficult job since there is so much going on. Unlike a normal wall that has a minimal amount of detail work, a kitchen has a lot.
In addition to the detail work involved, the walls in a kitchen should be painted with kitchen-specific paint. This paint is designed to withstand conditions, such as grease buildup.