3 Reasons You’ll Want To Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Find Out Why People In Marblehead, Massachusetts Are Refinishing Their Kitchen Cabinets

You’ll want to refinish your kitchen cabinets if they look outdated, you want to keep up with trends, and you want to protect your cabinets.

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It’s So Dark In Here

“What, do we need brighter lights or something?” asks Daniel.

Ashley groans as she sits down at the kitchen table. “No, the look of our kitchen is dark. The cabinets are that darker wood stain that reminds me of my grandparent’s house.”

Daniel smiles. “I always loved my grandparent’s house. So many good memories and great food.” Ashley sighs. “Yes, but do we really want that outdated look for our cabinets? I think it’s time to refinish our kitchen cabinets.”

“But what are the benefits besides changing the look?” asks Daniel. “We’d have to hire a contractor too. DIYing a kitchen cabinet restoration is a little out of our field. And who knows how much painting kitchen cabinets costs.”

Ashley shrugs. “I’m not sure. Why don’t we look up the benefits of refinishing kitchen cabinets on Google? Maybe there’s enough there to make it worthwhile.” She gets her phone out and starts searching Google.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

Why People Refinish Their Kitchen Cabinets

Newer white kitchen cabinets

1. To update the look. People often refinish kitchen cabinets because they’re tired of the old wood-stained look.

Many kitchen cabinets in Marblehead are made from darker woods like cherry, maple, and oak. It’s a dark, heavy look. People want something brighter, fresher, and more modern. This is why people are updating their cabinets by painting them instead.

Kitchen with white cabinets

2. To keep up with trends. Painted kitchen cabinets are the current trend. Refinishing kitchen cabinets to keep up with trends is especially great if you’re trying to sell your house. 

Gray kitchen cabinets with black handles

3. To upgrade the protection. Finishes help protect cabinets from scratches and other damages. Newer, high-quality, finishes tend to be better than the older ones we see. 

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“Why don’t we keep polking around this blog and see what else we can learn about kitchen cabinets? I’m on board with refinishing them, but I’d still like to know more,” says Daniel. Ashley nods excitedly as they start searching for more.