What’s The Best Paint For A Bathroom?

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The Bathroom Paint Is Going Down The Toilet

Why is it that bathroom walls tend to be the ones that need repainting the most?

Streaks on the walls and spots on the ceilings were causing major discolorations, the walls were losing their sheen, and the paint was starting to show wear and tear. It’s as if time is sped up in bathrooms, causing them to age faster than other areas of the house.

It can cost a good amount of money to paint a bathroom, money you don’t want to keep spending again and again. There is a reason why paint doesn’t last very long in bathrooms, and there is a way to fix that: buy the best paint for a bathroom.

Why Does The Paint In The Bathroom Suffer?

Bathrooms see more action and damage than other rooms because they are in use more frequently and have a harsher environment. The problems you are experiencing are common in households across the country, and here is the number one reason why:

It’s not the best paint for a bathroom.

Most home bathrooms use the same interior paint as the rest of the house, even though that paint isn’t made for bathrooms. A highly recommended paint for bathrooms is Ben Moore’s AURA Bath & Spa paint.

Why do bathrooms need such a specific type of paint? What are the causes?

The Bathroom Paint Is Streaking!

The number one cause of paint problems in the bathroom is humidity.

Humidity causes the walls to streak and spots to appear on the ceilings, making it look like your bathroom walls are aging. This is because the moisture in the air causes the emulsifying agents in the paint to reactivate, resulting in discolorations.

Opening a window or using the bathroom fan will lessen the damages humidity causes, but over time the paint will still age. The best paint for a bathroom is one that can stand up to humidity like dry wick clothes do to water.

This is only the top reason paint decays more quickly in bathrooms.

Paint Wear And Tear Will Leave A Bathroom Bare

Bathrooms need constant cleaning, and that also helps deteriorate the paint.

Constant use results in water damage, the over spraying of fragrances leaves a layer of slime, and who knows what else if you have kids in the house. Bathroom cleaning involves detergents and antibacterial cleaners that will wear down the paint, as will the frequent scrubbing that’s needed.

All of this will cause the sheen to dull and the paint to wear away. This is why standard interior paints are not meant to be used in bathrooms.

The Toughest Bathroom Paint

It’s been said once, and now it will be said again: the best solution is Ben Moore’s AURA Bath & Spa paint.

This paint is made of durable resins that can stand up to scrubbing, formulations that won’t leach surfactants in high humidity, and additives that resist the growth of mildew and mold. In addition to excellent performance, this paint is available in multiple colors and sheens. It’s one of the best paints for a bathroom

Now that you have your answers,  decide whether you want to paint it yourselves or hire professionals.

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