Why Is Painting A House So Expensive?

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Getting Your House Painted Correctly Can Be An Expensive Proposition

An Open Letter From Dan Sherwood, Owner Of Sherwood Painting Services

It’s not uncommon for us to witness jaws dropping when we quote a project. So that begs the question:

Why is it so damned expensive to get your house exterior painted these days?

I’ll start off by saying that it’s really easy to find a cheap house painter. Just fire up Google and a seemingly endless supply of contractors are at your fingertips. If you really want to skinflint it, swing over to the closest hardware store and pick up some day laborers. Both of these options will save you money at the expense of your time to arrange and manage the project.

If you’re an avid DIYer that just wants a couple extra hands to help, this option may be for you. But for me personally, if I want to install a new light in my kitchen, I’m not in the market of learning how to rewire my home so that I can add some light into a room. I’m going to hire a professional who puts food on the table by doing this exact service. 

The Top 4 Factors That Drive The Cost Of A Professional Paint Job:

Great Paint Jobs And Cheap Paint Jobs Are Exclusive Of Eachother

Like the clothing brand Patagonia, our services are designed to provide top quality results that have an enduring quality. Doing so takes skill (learned over years of hands-on experience) and a proper amount of time. If you are seeking a paint job, or really anything with long-term value, it’s going to cost more money.

Honest And Transparent Quotes

Most people don’t like to be surprised with additional costs during a project. I certainly don’t. 

Our approach to quoting your project is to be exceptionally thorough in both determining what your expectations are and ensuring that the quoted price will allow them to be achieved.

How Is This Different Than The Norm?

Many contractors get in the door with a low price and then hit you with additional costs for items you thought were included. While we may seem more expensive on the front end, our costs are often in line with similar quality companies once the dust has settled. Plus, this way you know what you’ll be spending from the beginning compared to learning as you go!

We Stand Behind Our Work

The typical paint company warranty lasts until the van is out of sight. What happens if they leave the driveway and you have an issue? The company seems to enter the witness protection program.

Our standard warranty is 3 years on labor, with manufacturer warranties on products good for up to 20 years. You can find more info on our warranty within the Resource Center, including a case study that highlights just how far we’ll go to ensure your satisfaction.

Where To Go From Here

We can’t make the decision for you. The only thing we wish we were able to do is to show the final product and the final price tag on each contractor’s painting job.

If you’d like to talk about your upcoming project, feel free to drop us a line.


Dan Sherwood

Sherwood Painting Services