Common Painting Contractor Scams

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This Paint Contractor Seems A Slim Shady

Eminem isn’t the only shady character out in the world. Some painting contractors are, and if you don’t know what to look for, painting contractor scams will take some serious money from your wallet.

You remember the stories you’ve heard on the news and from the Better Business Bureau. Stories about how sleazy paint contractors scam homeowners out of their money and leave a problem project behind.

You’re not about to be in one of those stories. You’re on here to find out how you can stop a paint contractor from separating you from your hard-earned cash.

The contractors in this video can give you a great explanation on the 3 biggest scams they hear about in the painting industry:

Put A Stop On Painting Contractor Scams

Look for any of these bad practices to see if you’re being taken advantage of:

– Bait and switch
Make sure to specify what types of paint and other materials are to be used. If you don’t, a dishonest paint contractor can use a $34 per gallon Behr paint instead of the agreed-upon $75 per gallon Benjamin Moore paint.
Go into the project area and look at the materials to ensure they are the ones laid out in the contract.

– Shortcuts.
What technique do shady paint contractors and greasy car salesmen have in common? Lowballing. It’s a notorious painting contractor scam used to try and get a job, one that will get you a mediocre finish at best.
Don’t hesitate to stop in every so often to check on the progress and ask questions, even if you sound like a game of 20 Q’s.

– Excessive add-on charges
Sure, it’s common to find additional work such as wood rot during a project, but that’s a normal add-on. Include basic elements of the project, such as filling in minor surface defects or caulking.
If you think you are in a painting contractor scam, get a second opinion from a home inspector, the National Association of Home Builders, or your local building department.

– Taking the money and running
Sure it sounds like the Steve Miller Band song, but this is your money we’re talking about. Don’t make large payments up front or you may never see that money again.
If your project has long delays between work days, it’s an indicator that your payments are funding another project.
Have a precise payment plan with a clear contract to ensure you can’t be taken advantage of. Dealing with a bad paint contractor can be the same as living a Stephen King horror novel.

Will All The Good Paint Contractors Please Stand Up?

Now that you know what to look for, you can be in a paint contractor story that has a happy ending. No more wondering if your money is going where it’s supposed to, or if your paint contractor is as honest as he says he is. You have the knowledge now, and knowledge is power.

Where To Find A Good Paint Contractor

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