Exterior House Colors You’ll Love For Your Marblehead Home

Find The Next Color For Your Home’s Exterior In Marblehead Massachusetts
Home painted one of the popular exterior house colors for Marblehead and Boston

1 of the popular exterior house colors people near you love are shades of gray. There are another 2 popular colors we’re painting on houses near you too.

Find out what they are in the post below-

The Start Of Something New

“Awesome, what is it this time!?”

Lisa smiles at David, glad he always supports her ideas. “I think we should repaint our house exterior. This is the best time for it since we’re not going anywhere,” she tells him.

Home painted beige in Marbleneck

David makes his thinking face as he considers Lisa’s idea. “You’re right. We’re going to be at home for a while and our exterior could use a facelift.” The right amount of time to paint a house exterior has passed too.

“Great! So I did some research and I found a few colors I’d like you to look at. They’re the popular exterior house colors for the Marblehead and Boston area,” Lisa explains.

She gets out her phone and shows David the following colors:

Popular Exterior House Colors For Massachusetts Homes

Exterior house colors people in Marblehead and Boston love are shades of grays, beiges, and blues. These are the colors that take up most of the exterior. Accent colors for these home exteriors include black, reds, and whites.

Blue exterior house color in Olivers Beach

“That would be a nice change from our white siding,” David agrees. “Here are some pictures of actual homes in our area painted these colors,” Lisa says scrolling downward.

Grays For Your Exterior

“I like the neutrality of it. Makes our plants positively pop!”

Marblehead lighthouse painted gray

Gray is one of the most popular exterior house colors in America, let alone Marblehead and Boston. It’s fairly easy to maintain, doesn’t need cleaning as often, and its neutral tone helps plants to stand out.

Gray painted beach house in Marblehead

“I could definitely get behind having this color for our house,” David comments. Lisa nods in agreement as she scrolls to the next color.

Beige Exterior House Colors

“Beige and yellow-ish colors are pretty hot right now.”

Beige exterior house color

These brighter colors give homes a more cheerful presence. It’s definitely the color for those with a more modern mindset. Beige is also a neutral color so you can have fun finding your ideal accent colors.

Beige home on Elm Street

“It’s a good color, but not necessarily one I’d want. But that’s just my personal preference, not a reflection on the color itself,” David blurts.

Lisa nods as she scrolls to the last of the popular exterior house colors.

Beautiful Blues For Home Exteriors

“I like this one the best.”

Beautiful blue house exterior

Blues can be dark and calming or bright and shiny depending on what your style is. Blue is also one of the most popular colors in America, period.