4 Steps to Fixing Water Damaged Wall Paint

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If your ceiling or walls are water damaged this article can teach you how to fix it!

Water damage is the worst because it means you have to fix 2 things – whatever is leaking and whatever is damaged. Fixing the leak should be the main priority because otherwise, it’ll keep being a problem. Proper repair is necessary because water damage:

  • Bleeds through paint
  • Makes walls look terrible
  • Can weaken the walls
  • Promotes mold & mildew growth
  • Becomes more expensive to repair

You can just paint over it as a temporary measure while you fix or get it fixed. There’s also the option of repairing the drywall and painting it yourself. As for fixing the leak, calling a plumber is probably your best bet. Now, let’s dive into the tools & materials you’ll need.

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Tools & Materials

The Process Of Fixing Water Damaged Wall Paint

Step 1: Fix The Leak

This is the best first step possible because it fixes the initial cause of damage. Fixing the leak prevents the damage from worsening or happening again. 

Step 2: Clean The Wall

If the wall is damp, has mildew, or has mold, clean it with a diluted mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Then allow it to dry (you can use a heater or blow dryer to speed up the process).

Step 3: Apply Water-Based Primer/Sealer

This will help keep the wall from getting water damaged again and allow the paint to better stick on the wall. The area will be better for painting on as a whole. Then let it dry and recoat it for a better seal.

Feather the edges (start more heavily in the middle and go lighter as you work your way out) to avoid uneven areas.

Step 4: Paint It!

It’s time to fix that water damage! For best results, it may be necessary to recoat the entire wall for everything to match. Doing this will take a lot more time and materials, but the finished result will be a perfect wall.

You Can Fix It!

Fixing water damaged wall paint is on the easier side of DIY home painting. Repairing the actual drywall, well, that’s a whole other story. Sherwood painting can do both because we also have licensed carpenters who can take care of any damages we find on site.

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