How To Paint Aluminum Siding: 3 Steps To A Beautiful Home

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Keep The Aluminum Siding On Your Massachusetts Home Looking Amazing With A New Coat Of Paint.

You can paint aluminum siding on your house in 3 steps. These steps are first finding a cool and dry day to work, cleaning the siding with a mold/mildew resistant cleanser, and finally painting the aluminum siding with a 100% acrylic paint. You can add in modifiers and a primer modifier if you think it needs the extra power to stick to your home.

Let’s follow Paul as he paints his aluminum siding.

“What the… awh man, when did this happen?” cries Paul in surprise.

The aluminum siding on his house doesn’t look so good. It has this uneven, chalky appearance to it. To make matters worse it’s fading too. “Well, it’s been working for years now so I guess it’s about time for a repainting,” he sighs.

“Well, the whole house exterior needs painting and I can’t do it alone.” Paul thinks critically. “A DIY ‘how to paint aluminum siding’ won’t cut it this time. Guess I’ll need to call in an expert.”

He gets on his computer and starts researching painting contractors in his area of Massachusetts. 2 weeks later Paul finally has someone coming out to paint his aluminum siding.

The painting crew rolls up, surprisingly on time.

As the crew gets everything ready, one of the team members starts walking towards him. He introduces himself as the project manager. “So Paul, do you have any questions or concerns you’d like to talk to me about,” he asks politely.

“Just 1 really,” responds Paul. “How do you paint aluminum siding? As in, what’s your process?”

3 Steps To Painting Aluminum Siding

  1. Find a cool, dry day to work
  2. Clean the siding with a mold/mildew resistant cleanser
  3. Paint the aluminum siding with a 100% acrylic paint

“Oh, wow, that actually seems pretty easy. Well, minus the painting-all-of-the-aluminum-siding-on-the-house part,” Paul casually observes.

“Haha,” laughs the project manager. “I’m just glad painting houses like this happens on cool days so it isn’t blistering hot out while we’re working.” “So if you’ve got another minute or two,” Paul says, “would you mind giving me a little more detail on those 3 steps?” “Yeah, I got another lil bit before I gotta head back over to help the boys out,” the project manager responds.

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Why These 3 Steps Are Important

The cool and dry day helps the paint stick better to the aluminum siding. It won’t get damp and not stick or worse yet start looking terrible after we finish. 

Cleaning the siding is actually the most important part. If it’s dirty then the paint won’t stick to it well and it’ll end up looking real messy.

The aluminum safe paint we use is a 100% acrylic paint from Benjamin Moore. It’s one of the best exterior paints we use. We also add in a modifier to help. Sometimes we also put a primer additive into the paint if we think it needs it.

“Cool,” Paul says with a small smile. “Sorry for distracting you, I just like to know what’s happening when it comes to housework like this.” The project manager smiles back, “I know exactly what you mean because I do the same thing when it comes to my house.” They share a laugh before the project manager excuses himself and walks back over to his team.

“After everything he just told me I’m sure they’ll do a great job on my home,” he thinks confidently as he walks back inside.

All characters are fictional and are not meant to represent any real person.