My 9 Magic Exterior House Painting Tips

Painting a house exterior is already a big project. On the bright side, you can make it easier.

Exterior house painting tips are essential to doing a quality job. Cleaning and sanding before you prime, actually using primer, and brush and roller painting techniques are great to know about.

Painting a house exterior with a roller

But these aren’t common knowledge. It’s not surprising that people ask tons of questions about painting their house exterior. Thankfully, I had a great teacher to help me learn. There are exterior house painting tips here that range from seemingly obvious (like checking the weather) to the “I would never have thought to do that”.

Let’s take a look at my 9 exterior house painting tips.

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1. Check The Weather

Rain can ruin the best-made plans. This includes any plans for exterior house painting. Paint can’t bond to wet surfaces and if it isn’t dry then any rain may cause it to run (it isn’t pretty).

The best weather to look for is a row of dry days so rain won’t ruin your paint job.

2. Quality Over Price

You get what you pay for right?

This means if you want the best you’ll want to buy the best. The color will look better for longer. This means less work for you in the long run and a better-looking paint job.

3. Cleaning & Sanding Is A Must

Wall cleaning supplies

Paint doesn’t bond well to rough and/or dirty surfaces. Clean it, let it dry, sand it, and clean it again to get rid of any dust from the sanding.

It may be extra work but it is worth it when you don’t have to touch up or redo any of your work.

4. Use Primer

Some may consider this an extra step, but it’s worth it. Primer helps paint bond securely to the surface so it will last longer.

The paint-and-primer in one isn’t as good quality-wise as when you purchase them separately. It all comes down to how good of a paint job you want.

5. Box Your Paint

This means to combine your paint cans into one 5-gallon bucket. Us professional painters do this to ensure a more uniform color. It also lessens the number of materials you have on site (which also means less cleaning at the end of the day).

6. Paint From The Top Down & Side To Side

Exterior house painting tips include painting from top down and side to side

This helps lessen the amount of streaking that can occur. Drips can still happen but it’s easier to feather them out when you paint your house exterior from the top down.

Starting at one side and moving to the other is the best method. You won’t miss any spots and the paint will be more uniform.

7. 3-Step Technique For Paint With A Brush

  1. Dip brush 2 inches into the paint and slap it against the interior side of the can to remove excess paint.
  2. Lay on thick with 2-3 back and forth strokes. Repeat until you cover about 3-4 feet.
  3. Smooth paint with long brush strokes (don’t dip it back into the paint). Back brush from the unpainted area into the painted part. Lift the brush at the end of each stroke.

8. Technique For Painting With A Roller

  1. Pour 1 gallon of paint into a 5-gallon bucket then put a roller grid in it.
  2. Dip the roller into the paint and roll it against the grid until the excess paint is gone.
  3. Cover about 3-4 feet using moderate pressure. 
  4. Reload when the paint no longer comes off easily.
  5. Back brush with a paintbrush, making sure to get into cracks and the bottom edge of the siding. Then brush with the grain to smooth it out.

9. Prep Your Plants

Paint doesn’t look great on plants. As you paint a house, paint tends to splatter onto anything nearby. This is why it’s a good idea to put drop cloths on your plants.

Just don’t leave them on the entire project or your plants may not do too well.

Now, To Paint!

These exterior painting tips for your house should allow you to have a much easier time painting. They can save you having to redo work (and save your plants). Plus, you may not have to repaint your home exterior as often.

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