The Easy 7 Steps Clients Take When Working With Us

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This Is What Our Clients Around Boston And Marblehead, Massachusetts Can Expect When Working With Us

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One of the worst parts of working with contractors is the not knowing. You don’t know their processes or what to expect in general.

In this post, you can see the steps our clients take when bringing their projects to life. You’ll even find out when and how much of a deposit we do!

I Wonder What It Would Be Like…

“What do you think working with this contractor would be like?” asks Dan.

Ashley shrugs, a small crease appearing in her forehead. “I don’t really know. I’ve heard and seen good things but I just don’t know.” Dan sighs. “Wish we could find out somehow.”

Ashley’s frown disappears as she gasps. “We can! How could I forget,” -she pulls her phone out of her purse- “that this one contractor sent me some blog posts. He said they cover processes, house painting costs, trends, and more.”

It’s Dan’s turn to frown. “They do what? Really?! Oh, I have to see this,” he says leaning closer to Ashley’s phone screen.

Here’s the post that Ashley pulls up:

The 7 Steps Clients Take When Hiring Us To Help Them Realize Their Vision

  1. Visit Our Website
    • You can find out our pricing, processes, and more
  2. Contact Form
    • Adding a video of your project area can help us give you an accurate over the phone estimate for free
  3. We’ll Call You
    • We can talk about what you’re trying to achieve by doing your project
    • If we have enough information and a video we can give you a ballpark estimate
  4. On-Site Consultation
    • We’ll confirm everything we talked about over the phone
    • We’ll also discuss anything that may have changed
    • Fine-tune the estimate
    • Sign the contract (which contains payment schedule, materials, scope of work, and everything you’ll want to know) on-site or via email
    • Put down a 25% deposit for exterior projects or 50% for interior work
    • Get your project on the schedule
  5. Start Your Project
    • For exterior work, we collect another 25% of the cost on the start day
      • The rest of the payment schedule is outlined in the contract
    • Interior work is half of the payment upfront and half upon completion
    • Larger projects may have different progress payments
    • Walkthroughs with your foreman happen on aan almost daily basis
    • If anything unexpected happens we’ll let you know immediately before we do anything
    • We’ll update you on where we are in your project and answer any questions
    • How long it takes to paint a house changes per project
  6. Final Walkthrough 1
    • This is to ensure our work surpasses your expectations
    • Your foreman will do this with you
    • Make any finishing touches
  7. Final Walkthrough 2
    • You’ll do this with Dan Sherwood, the owner
    • Collect final payment

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“This is pretty detailed,” points out Dan. Ashley nods. “Makes me want to check out some of the other blog posts he has. We may find some info we can use,” she says.