How Our Warranty Works With An $80,000 Story That Backs It Up

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We Want You To Feel Comfortable Knowing We’ll Take Care Of You If Something Happens

Warranties help everyone feel safer about buying, well, anything! We want you to know what our warranty covers and more.

In this post, you’ll find out what Sherwood Painting’s warranty covers. You’ll also hear a story about the warranty work that just wouldn’t end.

Are We Protected?

“Um, yes?” answers Daniel, confusion in his voice.

“I mean if something goes wrong with the paint job on our exterior,” says Ashley. “Ooh, ok that makes much more sense now,” replies Daniel.

“Look, after reading that painting contractor scams post I’m a lot more cautious,” points out Amy. “I don’t want to end up a horror story.”

Daniel nods. “I agree, I don’t either. It’s a good thing we won’t! I was confused because I thought you read the warranty stuff the painting contractor sent us. Here, I’ll show you.” 

He gets his phone out and opens his email. “Here you go, hopefully, this will help.”

Here’s what the couple sees:

How Sherwood Painting Services Warranty Works

Painting a house exterior with a roller

We cover our exterior work for 3 years (just check out the story below). This covers any problem with labor and materials. So, if the paint starts failing because of us or the paint, we’ll fix it!

Our warranty doesn’t cover walking surfaces or outside factors. These can be falling trees, storms, animals, water issues, etc. It also doesn’t cover interior work.

Our $80,000 Warranty Story

We came back for 12 years to repaint this man’s house for free.

It’s early on in Dan Sherwood’s career. He’s ready to break into the house painting market. He just got a job painting a 5,000 square foot home.

The home has some kind of bleaching oil system on the shingles. This artificially ages the wood to make it look like driftwood. And the wife HATES it. She wants a solid color paint on her home.

Dan and his team go through the same process every quality painting contractor would. They power wash, sand, prime, and then paint the home exterior

Fast forward 3 years and the client calls, saying the paint is sheeting off of the house.

Dan drives out there and, sure enough, it’s peeling like crazy. Dan’s pulling off paint chips the size of his hand!

It turns out the aging chemical is still killing the wood, which is hurting the paint.

So just about every year for 12 years, Dan and his team repaint this man’s house for free. Dan probably spends about $80,000 out of pocket to keep him happy.

Finally, they manage to find a solution. The paint now stays on the house and Dan has successfully fulfilled his warranty.

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“12 years is a long time, I’m surprised he didn’t try to wiggle out of that warranty,” says Ashely. Daniel nods. “I agree. Let’s check out some of the other posts on this blog, see what else we can find out about him.”