How Much Does Interior Painting Cost In Massachusetts?

You can find out how much interior painting costs in Massachusetts. If you’re like most people reading this post, you may also be curious as to why interior painting costs what it does. Is it the materials, the labor, travel expenses, or what? You can find all of this and more in if you keep reading.

Travis is about to find out how much interior painting costs for his home in Boston.

All characters in this story are fictionalized and in no way represent any of our staff or clients.

“You estimate it’ll cost what now?!”

Travis almost can’t believe what he’s hearing. He’s on the phone with Tony, a painting contractor, and the estimate he just heard seems crazy. The other bids he’s gotten for painting his home’s interior where kind of high, but this is almost out of the ballpark. Is the guy trying to rip him off or something?

Travis continues, “You cost more than the other 3 estimates I’ve gotten by a good amount. Can you at least tell me why your interior painting services cost so much more?”

“Of course,” Tony replies.

How much does interior painting cost

Why Interior Painting Costs What It Does

1. Size Of The Space

“The cost of interior painting in the Massachusetts area ranges mostly depending on size. Smaller homes can cost somewhere between $5,000-$10,000, medium homes $12,000-$25,000, and larger homes $25,000 and up. Of course, prices change due to many reasons like the quality of materials you want, color changes, professionalism, and more.”

“Size also includes room size from smaller to larger. Taller spaces cost more too. Think about how much Michaelangelo charged to paint the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling.”

With tall walls you can expect to pay an additional $350. For dangerous work over a curved stairway, additional costs can be $1500+. A life-and-limb project can cost an arm and a leg.

“Haha,” laughs Travis, “I don’t even want to think about that. Wait, so can sizes be different from contractor to contractor?” “Definitely,” Travis replies. “Paint contractors can have different standards for what is small, medium, and large.”

“The size part makes sense, but still not why you cost more,” Travis points out. Tony responds with “Well, professionalism for one thing.”

2. A Painter’s Professionalism

“What exactly do you mean by professionalism?” Travis asks. 

The level of professionalism can raise interior painting costs
Here the job site is set up to protect anything not being painted, there is proper ventilation so the house doesn’t smell as bad afterward, and the painter is on his hands and knees giving the job his full attention.

“Professionalism basically means customer experience and level of care for the house. More professional painters care about communicating with the client, following procedure to the letter, cleaning after themselves, and making the client feel comfortable while the project is going on. They will do the job well too.”

“How’s that different from other painting contractors?”

Watch out for paint scams

Mike picks up where he left off, “Less professional painters are cheaper because they might split your project with another, leave messes behind, try to loophole the contract, or even try to use one of these painting scams.”

“Ok, so you’re basically paying more for a higher standard of work,” Travis concludes. “Exactly,” Tony agrees.

3. Quality Of Your Chosen Materials

“Speaking of standards,” Tony continues, “the standard of the materials you want us to use for your home can also change the price. It can also change how good it looks and how long it stays looking good.”

“So more expensive paint is better?” “In most cases, yes. You can choose from $20 per gallon big box store paint all the way to the fancy $120 per gallon European models. We can answer any questions you have and try to find the best balance of paint and price for you.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Travis says, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “At least I can have a say in what you use on my house.”

4. The Actual Space Itself

“I thought we covered space already?”

Kitchens and bathrooms affect interior painting costs

“This is actually about what the space itself is like instead of its size. If it’s small, has a lot to work around, or the room needs prepping for painting, the price can go up. This is why kitchens and bathrooms are harder to paint.”

“Ok yeah, that makes sense. The more labor it needs, and the harder it is, the more it costs to paint a house interior. Sounds like a normal business model to me.”

“Is it ok if I add a little more detail to what goes into painting a room?” Travis politely asks. “Please do.”

The condition of the walls can raise interior painting costs

“Space also includes the condition of the walls. Small holes like from picture hangers and minor surface repairs are already part of the quote. Larger repairs and corrections drive the cost up. If your existing paint job is bad enough it can drive up the cost too.”

Fixing bad cut lines, poor patching efforts, or sanding out drips on trim or walls can run an additional $400-600. If your previously stained and now peeling woodwork wasn’t prepped correctly, the cost to properly repair it could run into the $1000s as it needs to be stripped off.

“So it’s better to get a good paint job the first time. Makes sense. What if the color I want is different from the one it is now?”

“That drives up the price too. Changing to a new color can involve multiple coats, more labor, and more materials to ensure proper coverage. You wouldn’t want to be playing “I-Spy a patch of different color” with your walls.”

Additional coats of paint can run between $250 for your average bedroom to $850 for a large master bedroom. Changing the trim color can range from $350-700.

Travis laughs at the joke. “So is that it, or is there anything else?” “Just one more thing can drive up the price of interior painting.”

5. When You Want To Get On The Schedule

“So, now versus a few months from now?” Travis questions.

“Not quite. If you need a rush job, we can work nights, weekends, and marathon your project. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll rush the job and lower the quality. That would go against what we stand for.”

“It’s good to know you’ll work so hard for your clients.” “Of course!” Travis brightly replies. “You and all of our clients are one of, if not the, most important parts of our lives. May I ask where your head is at now that you’ve had all this information?”

“Weeeelllll,” Travis pauses… “I got to say I’m thinking…”

The Extra Cost Can Be Worth It

There are a lot of factors that can affect the price of painting your home interior. At the end of the day, it’s better for people to hire someone they trust, even if they cost more. At least you won’t have to worry about how to fix a poorly painted interior.