How To Repair A Water Damaged Ceiling And Stop It From Recurring

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Repairing a water damaged ceiling involves first fixing the leak. Then, repair damages and prime and paint with certain primers and paints.

Find all 7 steps below-

Well, It’s Not A Celebrity

“Too bad. If it was, I’d cut it out and sell it on eBay,” Daniel sighs.

Ashley frowns. “Well, it’s not a celebrity so we need to get rid of this water damage on our ceiling. Do you know how to repair a water damaged ceiling?”

Daniel shrugs. “Not particularly, but I’m sure we can figure it out. If not, we can hire someone. We might have to if the damage is bad enough.” Ashley pulls out her phone. “Let’s go ahead and see if we can find a good repair process online. It’ll be cheaper than hiring someone.”

Ashley starts looking through Google. “I’m going to look up house painting tools we need for projects like this,” says Daniel. “Aha! Before that, take a look and tell me what you think,” says Ashley.

Here is the water damaged ceiling repair process she found:

How To Repair A Water Damaged Ceiling

  1. Repair the cause of the water damage
  2. Inspect the stained area to see if any repairs are needed
  3. Make any repairs
  4. Prime areas with a stain-blocking primer
  5. Paint

There’s no point in repairing a water damaged ceiling if it’ll happen again. This is why fixing the cause is the most important step.

You’ll want to repair your ceiling if the stained area feels soft. Here are some steps you can take.

Oil or shellac-based primers are best because they prevent the stain from coming back. They do stink and can cause headaches. Make sure to ventilate the room properly when using them.

You may want to paint the entire ceiling too. This helps it keep a uniform look. Performing a localized touch-up on the repaired area before recoating the ceiling is the best technique for a seamless repair.

Why Does Water Damage Leave Stains?

The brown stain staring you in the face is caused by wood tannins deposited by the water. Tannins are compounds found in wood. If you don’t properly seal the damaged area with a stain blocker, your water-based paint will cause the tannins to bleed through and discolor the ceiling again.

What Can Cause Water Damage On Ceilings

There are a few ways water damage can happen.

Sometimes ice walls resembling The Wall from Game Of Thrones can form in gutters during winter. Water can build up in there and seep into your home. When the ice wall melts it’ll make things worse.

Skylights can let more than just the sun in. Water can eventually work its way into your home once it wears through the protective sealant around the edges.

Sometimes it’s just ordinary plumbing problems. Fix the leaky toilet or pipe and you’ll be good to go!

On the occasion, sometimes you won’t be able to find out what’s causing the problem. That’s when it’s time to contact a professional.

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