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9 Steps To Painting Brick

Like with painting varnished wood, people ask if brick can be painted over too. Good news is, it can and here is where you can learn

How To Paint Garage Floors

This article can tell you about the benefits of painting your garage floor as well as teach you how to do it! Garage floors can

How to Fix a Bad Paint Job

It happens to more people than you’d think. You walk into the room as the new paint is slowly drying, only to discover a patch,

How to Remove Wallpaper

Time for Something New On Your Walls? Have you been staring at the same wallpaper for so long you can draw it without looking? Maybe

How to Paint A Deck

All Painters On Deck! Fading, cracking, peeling, and maybe even worn down. If any of these words trigger an image of your deck, it’s time

How to Stain Your Deck

Staining Your Deck Staining a deck can be a stain on your day, especially if you don’t know how. Would you want to guess how